Publications and Manuscripts

Mishra, S., Barclay, P., & Sparks, A. (in press). The relative state model: Integrating need-based and ability-based pathways to risk-taking. Personality and Social Psychology Review. doi:10.1177/1088868316644094

Kafashan, S., Sparks, A., Rotella, A., & Barclay, P. (2016). Why heroism exists: Evolutionary perspectives on extreme helping. In S.T.Allison, G.R.Goethals, & R.M.Kramer (Eds.) The Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership, pp. 36-57. Routledge. [manuscript]

Sparks, A., Burleigh, T. & Barclay, P. (2016). We can see inside: Accurate prediction of Prisoner’s Dilemma decisions in announced games following a face-to-face interaction. Evolution and Human Behavior 37, 210-216. doi:10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2015.11.003 [manuscript, data, analysis code & materials]

Sparks, A. & Barclay, P. (2015). No effect on condemnation of short or long exposure to eye images. Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science 6, 13-16. doi:10.5178/lebs.2015.35  [Sparks&Barclay_2015_LEBS]

Kafashan*, S., Sparks*, A., Griskevicius, V., & Barclay, P. (2014). Prosocial behaviour and social status. In J. T. Cheng, J. L. Tracy, & C. Anderson (Eds.) The Psychology of Social Status, pp. 139-158. New York, NY: Springer. *authors contributed equally [manuscript]

Sparks, A., & Barclay, P. (2013).  Eye images increase generosity, but not for long: the limited effect of a false cue. Evolution and Human Behavior 34, 317-322. doi:10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2013.05.001   [sparks&barclay2013]

Sparks, A., Barclay, P. & Mishra, S. (2013). Fundamental freedoms and the psychology of threat, bargaining, and inequality. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 36 (05), 500-501. [Sparksetal2013BBScommentary]

Sparks, A., Fessler, D.M.T., Chan, K.Q., Ashokkumar, A. & Holbrook, C. (under 2nd review). Disgust as a mechanism for decision making under risk. Emotion.

Fessler, D.M.T., Sparks, A., Pisor, A., & Holbrook, C. (in prep). Elevation: An emotion of prosocial contagion.

Sparks, A., Holbrook, C., & Fessler, D.M.T. (in prep). Feeling round, and other metaphors for prosocial emotion.

Sparks, A., Mishra, S., Rotella, A., & Barclay, P. (in prep). Betting your reputation: Public (but not private) Prisoner’s Dilemma defection as a form of behavioral risk-taking.

Sparks, A., Burleigh, T. & Barclay, P. (in prep). Expressing disapproval maintains public goods contributions, but not for long: The limited effect of an empty threat.

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